Natalia Rocafuerte is a experimental AV artist exploring dreams as narratives of self. Her current project is creating animations and videos of dreams from Mexican Americans/ Xicanx/ Mexican immigrants titled Dream Machine Archive (2020 - 2023) . Rocafuerte has exhibited at the 2018 Young Latinx Artists at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, TX as well as being featured in Remezcla for "Top 40 Latinx Texas Artists to Know in 2020". Rocafuerte has hosted various workshops for young and older artists through The Contemporary Austin, Ballroom Marfa, and Civic Arts-Austin. Natalia is interested in the phenomenology of dreams, video aesthetics, experimental mediums, rasquachismo and waking life. She grew up on both sides of the Rio Grande Border in Tamaulipas and Texas and became a naturalized  USA citizen in 2019. 
She is represented Ivester Contemporary
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